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ACT–Adults and Children Together–Against Violence
Provides audio, video, and training materials for adults to use to teach young children (ages 0 to 8) nonviolent problem-solving. Includes an extensive and searchable database of publications on violence prevention for children. Developed by the American Psychological Association and the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Uses athletes from Boston’s major sports teams to help kids stand strong against bullying. Includes a website, public service announcements, an educational video and facilitator’s guide, and educational and community outreach. An anti-bullying initiative of The Sports Museum and the Boston sports community.
Provides individuals and organizations with information, resources, education, training, events, and campaigns that increase awareness of the issue of bullying and ways to respond to and prevent bullying.

Eyes on Bullying
Provides a multimedia program to prepare parents and caregivers to prevent bullying in children’s lives. Features the Eyes on Bullying Toolkit with insights, strategies, skills-building activities, and resources. Designed especially for adults to use with children and youth in homes, child care centers, afterschool and youth programs, and camps. Funded by the IBM Global Work/Life Fund.

National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center
Provides information and links to resources on bullying and violence prevention for parents, teenagers, schools, and afterschool programs. Sponsored by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

No Bully
Partners with schools and school districts to help them create bully-free learning communities. Features a series of “Solution Team” structured meetings to help a student that is being bullied. Website includes training workshop descriptions and YouTube links about the No Bully Solution Team experience.

PACER National Center for Bullying Prevention
Provides resources for adults about bullying, with a special focus on children with disabilities. Includes information on Bullying Prevention Awareness Week and an animated site for elementary school students. Some content is translated into Spanish, Somali, and Hmong.

Provides information on bullying prevention, including research summaries and toolkits. Created by a national network of researchers and organizations in Canada committed to stopping bullying. Presented in English and French. Sponsored by the Networks of Centres of Excellence, Queen’s University, and York University.

Stop Bullying Now!
Provides information about bullying and prevention/intervention strategies for parents, children (ages 9 to 13), teachers, other school staff, and health and safety professionals. Features a resource kit with tips and facts. Includes web episodes and games for children, an activities guide, a video toolkit, and video workshops. Presents an extensive and searchable database of resources on bullying prevention. The information for adults is presented in English and Spanish. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA).

Mom Loves Best
Provides helpful articles to parents on bullying prevention, education, childhood development, and more.