New Eyes

Do your beliefs promote or prevent bullying?

We’re not always aware of the ways our beliefs may color our views and influence the choices we make to intervene in—or ignore—the bullying around us. 

1. Post the Bullying Beliefs Questionnaire where children can easily see it. Read statement 1.

2. Ask children if they agree or disagree with the statement. Young children can respond by answering YesNo, or Sometimes

3. Have children discuss their reasons for agreeing or disagreeing.

4. Complete this process for statements 2 through 7. Explain to them how the various ways people think and feel about bullying can make a difference in how they behave. Discuss how each belief contributes to either promoting or preventing bullying.

5. Encourage children to add their own bullying prevention statements to the list. Post a revised list of beliefs that everyone agrees may help to prevent bullying. 

This activity will. . .

Help children compare and contrast beliefs that promote or prevent bullying.

Help children identify the benefits of replacing beliefs that promote bullying with beliefs that prepare children to prevent bullying.