Look Around . . .

The first step in becoming a Helpful Bystander is to understand what we know about this important role. 

1. Privately record your own True or False answers to the Bystander Quiz. Compare your answers to the Explanatory Statements, provided after the quiz.

2. Discuss with children what it means to be a bystander who witnesses or hears about bullying.

3. Read each statement aloud. Have children tell you, with a show of hands, if the statement is True or False. Tally their responses. (Older children can record their own answers.)

4. Repeat this process for each statement.

5. After you have completed the quiz, read each statement again. Ask the children to explain their answers. Then reveal and explain your own responses, informed by the explanatory statements. Discuss why an accurate understanding of the influence of bystanders is important. Refer to the explanatory statements as needed.

This activity will help children and adults. . .

  • Understand the concept of the bystander in bullying situations.
  • Understand key facts about bystander roles in preventing bullying.
  • Discuss how to become helpful bystanders.