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User’s Guide                                                                 

1. A New Look

Introduces the issue of bullying and answers the question “What is bullying?” An activity encourages adults and children to share their own experiences with bullying.

2. Look Out

Explains why bullying can sometimes be difficult to see. It also introduces a growing form of bullying–-cyberbullying. An activity encourages children to understand the different behaviors related to bullying and to discuss ways to report bullying.

3. Look Around

Examines the concepts of bully, victim, and bystander. It includes three activities: A questionnaire helps children and adults reflect on their own beliefs about bullying; a role-playing activity allows children to practice their assertiveness skills; and a quiz challenges perceptions about the role of bystander.

4. Look Strategically

Offers specific recommendations and strategies for addressing bullying when it occurs. An activity presents three potential bullying situations and invites children to explore different options for changing the bully’s “game.”

5. Look Ahead

Presents a strategic approach to creating an environment where everyone takes responsibility for preventing bullying.

6. Look It Up

Includes useful resources and references on bullying prevention.

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