Effective bullying prevention requires both education and skills building. The activities contained in this section are designed to help children—and adults—better understand the causes and warning signs of bullying, and develop the skills to prevent bullying and/or intervene effectively, when it occurs. Most importantly, these activities provide an opportunity for open and honest discussion about issues that can be difficult to understand and even harder to address.

All of the activities can be readily adapted to meet the needs of individuals and groups, as well as children of all ages. Although we suggest trying them out in order, you may decide to mix them up, depending on your needs and the needs of the children you care for. You may also want to return to certain activities over time, to see how children’s responses may have changed.

  • Story Swap encourages adults and children to share their own experiences with bullying.
  • Be a Detective helps children understand the different behaviors related to bullying and to discuss ways to report bullying.
  • New Eyes helps children and adults reflect on their own beliefs about bullying.
  • Standing Up allows children to practice their assertiveness skills.
  • Eyewitness challenges children’s perceptions about the role of bystander.
  • What If? invites children to explore different options for changing the bully’s “game.”