Preventing bullying in children’s lives!

Bullying can happen anywhere children gather. Yet, with greater understanding of the extent, seriousness, and dynamics of this problem, the amount and consequences of bullying can be greatly reduced. 

Together with parents, caregivers working in child care programs, afterschool and youth programs, and camps can play crucial roles in bullying prevention. You are on the front lines, likely to see bullying when it occurs and establish the rules needed to prevent it. You are the adults children turn to for help resolving problems or to confide their concerns. You are in a unique position to help them navigate the challenges of their social world. 

Yet, the issues surrounding bullying can be complex. Knowing how—and when—to intervene requires effective strategies and practice. Eyes on Bullying offers a variety of tools that can help you look at and understand bullying in a new way, reexamine your own knowledge and beliefs about bullying, and shape the beliefs and behaviors of the children in your care.

Whether you are a concerned parent, teacher, or community member, here you’ll learn effective strategies for bullying prevention and intervention, from early childhood through high school.